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When my love for you was blind

But I couldn't make you see it

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Name: Prince Theodore “Teddy” Gaen
Age: Nine years young
Gender: Male
Country: Gaea
Race: Human
Occupation: Youngest prince to the Gaea royal family. Child genius.

History: Darkness. Theodore was born into it and his destiny is to be forever linked with that darkness. For any child to be born blind most would become depressed and solitary, doomed to their life with no sight but Theodore is much the opposite. Growing up without sight made the boy see and perceive the world at a different light-- a different stand point. Theodore does not see but feels and hears. Personality is felt rather than judged. Feelings are heard not seen.

It made Theodore different. Growing up as a prince he was pampered and many times his lack of sight made no difference for he had people to wait on him hand and foot. Growing up he was very silent and soft, often just sitting and listening to the wind blow past him. He did not run around and play riotous games like many of the other children around the royal court, he learned things and listened to his father and brother speak of political things. Theodore spent his time listening to his cherished older brother tell him stories of sword fighting and dragons, of far off lands and of the fairies. Theodore listened and felt the emotions his sister would give off every time she became angry and started to rant. Her venting was always done with Theodore for he would listen and rationally cheer her up with his words. Yes, Theodore was very different when he was very young-- but with it he learnt more than people would in a life time.

The age of nine leaves Theodore tender and weak. His body is small but his mind has grown accustomed to learning as much as he can in response to not being about to see. With all of his learning Theodore has become a sort of boy genius. The boy can recite every state and city in the country without much of a pause, can recite passages from the bible as if an actor on stage and name the chemical formula for gunpowder just as well as the recipes for cookies.

The youngest prince admires his older siblings and despite his mother’s attitude is very attached to her. Too young to know his lost siblings, he still loves to hear stories of them although he knows when to keep his tongue. The topic is touchy but he admires his family for being so strong about it.

Theodore is cherished in the kingdom, the epitome of polite and sweet. Although he has his own faults, he is always there to understand what can’t been seen. His sweet side has gained him the nick name Teddy, in which he laughs quietly each time it is used.

Appearance: Theodore has a weak body and a somewhat small build. Due to the fact that he cannot do training and activities like his father or brother can. When most of his time is spent reading books made for him and listening to the little things, it has left him small. Then again, he is only nine years old. Has shaggy brown hair and matching eyes that are glazed over with a slight grey. Portrayed as Liam Aiken.

Personality: Theodore is a soft and sweet young child. His sensitivity to hearing and touch has left him a little reserved and introverted although he has no trouble with speaking when he needs to. Slightly stubborn when it comes to things that he believes in but over all very arguable and likes to debate. Logical and smart for his age, it has left him feeling like an outcast from other boys. Theodore is polite and likeable but clumsily when it comes to moving about.

Weapons: None. His smarts could count as a weapon though. Theodore dreams to one day be able to shoot a bow and arrow effectively. He still ponders how he can do it without his sight.

Abilities/Powers: The prince is a little more sensitive to hearing and touch than the average person. His blindness has left him more keen towards his other senses. Theodore can also cook some wicked cookies.

Other Notes: Theodore is a master of Braille. Started reading with his fingers at the age of four and had it mastered by the age of six. The kid is a genius waiting to explode.